Ana-Maria SEZONOV, The Social-Semiotic Analysis of Several Artistic-Activist Online Discourses Regarding the Context of Immigration


My study aims to analyze two international well-known artists: Ai Weiwei and Dan Perjovschi, which use their visibility strategies to disseminate civic and artistic messages as hybrid quasiobjects of works of art and discourses, in order to reflect upon the important issues related to migration in Antropocene era.

I argue that contemporary artistic strategies related to migration, can be analyzed using an Actor-Network paradigm, since the contemporary plastic artists construct intermedia networks of heterogeneous elements, instrumentally use controversies related to their image in mobilizing groups and audiences and create works of art, characterized by socio-political agency (generalized symmetry).

Keywords: ANT (actor network theory), agency, generalized symmetry, selfie, works of art.

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