Ana Maria MUNTEANU, Re-Centering Human Agency in the Age of Knowledge Technologies and the Role and Scope of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Abstract: The current paper explores the increasing impact of technology on the social fabric (Latour, 1996) and the ways that humanity is or could be adjusting to this growing influence. The very definition of human is being put into question as superintelligent machines begin to take on human patterns of behavior and as human interaction is becoming more digitalized. Hamlet’s famous reply: “To be or not to be; that is the question” would reflect an indecidable model of thinking that avoids the dillemma of philosophical reasoning in order to answer the question: What is a man? this should be translated into a binary logic (1.0) of the virtues that boolean logic gives in analogy with the existing and evolving endless processing language and possibilities. The constraint of the explanatory power of the concept of autopoiesis reflects the need for nuanced reasoning elaborated in socio-human sciences during longer periods than those marked by innovation, and which could recall humanities in the circle of disciplines that constitute the architecture of ontological and systemic design, to unlock the cycle of transformation between information, data and wisdom, without eliminating critical reasoning. Scientists and philosophers are beginning to question the competition between soft and hard sciences and advocate for a symbiotic relationship, that can integrate data and social sciences for a more balanced understanding of the world.

Keywords: artificial intelligence; autopoiesis; data/ information/ wisdom; digital networks; humanities and social sciences; quantum computing; communication

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