Valentin VANGHELESCU, Review. The Tendential Modernity as an Endless Project

The volume “Tendential Modernity, Reflections on the Modern Evolution of Society”, published by Constantin Schifirneț at Tritonic Publishing House (Bucharest), explores the classical literature on modernity and develops a comparative analysis of modernization processes in various geographic areas and “theatres of modernity” – Asiatic Modernity, Latin American Modernity, others, – including them into a larger picture of modernity. The author, professor of sociology at SNSPA, uses this extended mapping in order to identify elements to be included in a more appropriate model designed to frame those cases that did not succeed in achieving prosperity and systemic development and allow him to argue for a “tendential modernity”. This categorization covers a set of characteristics in many aspects different from the pattern of integrated transformations of subsystems during phases of modernization that have imprinted the modern history of Western European countries.

The book is composed of eight sections. The first chapter addresses principles and characteristics of modernity – the cultural program and the political and social program of modernity-. It explores diverse meanings of modernity assigned by classical studies, and lists attributes relevant to his own approach. The quest for more appropriate definitions of modernity to cover variants distinct from the western cases led him to coin the concept of tendential modernity for countries like Romania, that instead of a functional integration of diverse domains – culture, ideas and economic development -, remained for a long time blocked in a state of economic precarity during the diverse phases of modernization.

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