Alexandru LUCA, Mirela ARPENTI, Ana Maria BUICULESCU, Daniela VASILE, Tăbăcărie Lake – An Urban Ecosystem At Risk


Tăbăcărie Lake represents an urban ecosystem which suffers from tremendous human pressures that change the quality and quantity of its values, functions and services. The study starts from the actual state of the lake, having the scope to establish a sustainable management plan, for the ecological restoration of Tăbăcărie Lake. In the context of a high anthropogenic impact, we have done observations and measurements in the field, related with the environmental quality of the water and for evaluation of the anthropic impact, measuring the main water quality parameters and calculating an index of shoreline development. We compared the ecological state of the year 2012-2013 with the one which had been determined with 4 years before.Based on the data obtained from field observations and determinations performed using a multiparameter device and the existing information on Tăbăcărie Lake water quality it was possible to sketch a sustainability management plan that would help restore ecological  integrity of this urban ecosystem, given the socio-economical context.

Key words: urban lake, development index, sustainability, management

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