Mihaela IRIMIA, Dante “The Grandest Figure of World Literature

Abstract: In 1921 the Romanian review Transilvania published a celebratory issue as a homage to Dante, marking the sexcentenary of the great Florentine’s death. It came out three years after the Great Union of the Romanian Principalities in 1918, the year in which the Romanian canonical poet George Coşbuc died. The issue carried texts on the ethnogenesis of the Romanians and focused on the Latinity of their language and culture. It also expressed thanks to the Sfetea brothers for permission to print Coşbuc’s version of Inferno I. The integral translation of The Divine Comedy by the same author came out in the mid-1920 through the early 1930, though the three canticles had been his main literary concern since the 1890s. Regarded by the Transylvanian Romanian intellectuals as “the grandest figure of world literature”, Dante became Coşbuc’s most outstanding project and his copious commentary to the Divine Comedy in Italian features as a choice philological study in Romanian literature.

Key words: celebratory, homage, ethnogenesis, union, Romanian translation, Latinity

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