Cornelia ILIE, Undergoing or enacting change? Societal change as discursive practice


With changes occurring in all sectors of social and professional activity more regularly and more rapidly than ever before, we are faced with the constantly daunting task of trying to make sense of the sources, mechanisms and effects of these changes. In modern and postmodern socio-political thinking the notion of change has taken centre stage through identifying, analyzing, comparing, disputing different approaches to, or interpretations of change: major or minor changes, economic or political changes, long-term or short-term changes, deliberate or nondeliberate changes, peacefully or coercively implemented changes, successful or failed changes, to name but a few. In the realm of politics a landslide mandate for change occurred in the 2008 US election campaign during which the phrase “Change we can believe in” led to the victory of Barack Obama’s party and his election as President of the United States.And in Europe, François Hollande, challenging Nicolas Sarkozy, opened his 2012 official campaign as a socialist presidential candidate with the slogan “The time for change is now”.

To cite the article: ILIE, Cornelia. “Undergoing or enacting change? Societal change as discursive practice”. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication 2.2 (2013): 13-24.

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