Rafael Jiménez CATANO, What is persuasive about the old and the new?

Abstract: The evaluation of the persuasive force of being old or new comprises considerations that are both quantitative, i.e. regarding distance and relevance of context, and qualitative, i.e. regarding semantic and pragmatic content. The meaning of the terms antiquus and modernus has a history revealed to be parallel to that of the notion of progress, and to some extent explains the different sensitivities towards the old and the new, towards tradition and progress and, consequently, the argumentative use of such notions.

Keywords: ancient; modern; progress; tradition; persuasion; argumentation; topoi; argument from direction; generation gap.

To cite the article:  CATANO, Rafael Jiménez.  “What is persuasive about the old and the new?”. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication 1.1 (2014): 9-19.

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