Ana Maria MUNTEANU, Eliza NIRLU, The Media Campaigns in the Context of the Implementation of a Megaproject and the Formation of the Public Opinion Node: The Rosia Montana Gold Corporation Case


The construction of reality in postmodern societies is related to complex  make-sense processes, based on both mediatization and networking.  Since the decentering effect of new media increased the multiplicity of understandings, interpretations, and assessments[1] of current  messages and events,  the political rhetoric, and  the strategic communication (advertising campaigns and lobby) that  usually support the sitting of megaprojects during years, had to face  the impact of the network form of the public sphere that featured new modes of talk and  mobilizes convergence between experts, activists, bloggers and social networks as a public node.

[1]François Lyotard, The postmodern condition: A report on knowledge, Ed. Manchester University Press, Manchester, 1979, p. 16-21

Keywords: Rosia Montana, RMGC, NGOs, media campaigns, interconnected public sphere, public opinion node

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