Cornelia ILIE, Dialogue as Global Action: Interacting Voices and Visions Across Cultures

This special issue of the International Journal of Cross-cultural Studies and
Environmental Communication (Volume 4, Issue 2, 2015) has been devoted to
selected papers presented at the 3rdESTIDIA Conference that was hosted by
‘Ovidius’ University, Constanţa, Romania. These papers raise and discuss a
significant range of current issues related to the theme of the conference “Dialogue
as Global Action: Interacting Voices and Visions across Cultures”. This issue
brings together ten articles devoted to the following four topics: (1) Multimodality
of Public-Private Intersecting Dialogues; (2) Voices Sharing Views in Intercultural
Dialogue; (3) Dialogue of Voices in Visual Semiotic Perspective; (4)
Communication Challenges in Real-life and Virtual Dialogues.

The articles included in this issue address the challenges involved by
practices and processes involved in the global dialogue that are being articulated, in
different forms, across borders, cultures, professions and scientific disciplines. The
focus of these studies is on the intersection, cross-fertilization, convergence and/or
divergence of interacting voices and echoes at various levels and with various
purposes in interpersonal and institutional contexts.

In a micro- and macro-level dialogic juxtaposition of voices, the
interlocutors have an impact on each other and, to different extents, on their social,
cultural and political environments. The dialogic exchanges not only have a
communicative function, but they also function as vehicles for mediating meaning
and meaning negotiations (Leech, 1983).Based on their respective social and
institutional roles, speakers and writersare able to induce meaning in the minds of
their hearers and readers, just like musicians/singershave the capacity to induce
meaning in the minds of theiraudiences (Lévy-Strauss, 1971).

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