Daniela ROVENȚA-FRUMUȘANI, Les nouvelles technologies et l’intégration vie professionnelle / vie personnelle ?


At the time of hybridizations and “liquid” borders in people’s lives, groups and societies (Bauman 2000), we propose to see how the use of new technologies in everyday life is articulated / integrated; more precisely if the work / leisure dyad is monochrone or polychrone (E.T.Hall 1973), if the new technologies make superfluous the spatial and temporal coordinates for family life and professional life. The separation of the public and the private, once demolished by fragmentation in multiple public spaces (Miège 2010), ontological insecurity (A.Giddens 2010) configures a period of intranquility  in which new forms of life and work settle, interfere, replace. What was once addressed to different channels (interpersonal communication and public speaking) is nowadays integrated into a process of double identity (personal and professional) through new mobile technologies and a significant management of visibility. The intra and the “intersubjectivity with a variable geometry ” (Granjon 2014) will be studied from 12 in-depth interviews about the influence of the new technological context on the family / professional life relationship, the impact of hyperconnection on the individual and the organization and the avatars of the “nomadic” subject (Rosi Braidotti,2011).

Keywords: work / family articulation; new technologies ; hyperconnexion; border.

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