Mariselda TESSAROLO & Eleonora BORDON, Multi-voiced speech: newspapers’ blogs about a humanitarian emergency

Abstract: New media, and in particular the newspapers’ blogs, allow us to pay attention to
the positions of reporters and readers. In these blogs, indeed, one can find the explanations, the suggestions, the opinions and the questions that the readers of famous reporters’ posts exchange with the person who writes the news, inside a space situated outside the newspaper. It is a matter of a “small” public domain (Dahlgran, 2005) which welcomes a debate between who writes the news and the opinions on the news, and which therefore reports a modality of “taken for granted”, a legitimation of what must be said or made known to one’s audience. In a way, by means of comments and interpretations, the readers’ posts represent the others’ speech, either direct or indirect, but nonetheless a soliloquy (Bachtin, Volosinov, 1997). It is a matter of dialogue interaction intended, in this case, as a set of micro-dialogues that refer to the interiorized relationships self-others, just as Bakhtin meant when affirming that our voices are saturated by those of the others.

Keywords: newspapers’ blogs, forced immigration, politics and language, multi-voice
speech. hey can partially contribute to cause events), as possible roles waiting for a

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