No. 2/ 2014


Volume 2, Issue 2

Perceiving the Peril and the Promise: Human Impacts in Complex Environments

© Editura Universitară & ADI Publication

ISSN: 2285 – 3324

ISSN-L: 2285 – 3324

DOI: 10.5682/22853324


Lucica TOFAN

Ovidius University Constanta, RO

Lucica TOFAN

Timothy EHLINGER, Mirela BUCUR and Lucica TOFAN
A Systems Framework For Project-Based Transdiciplinary Education And Research Training In Sustainable Development

Alexandru LUCA, Mirela ARPENTI, Ana Maria BUICULESCU, Daniela VASILE
Tăbăcărie Lake – An Urban Ecosystem At Risk

Ofelia AXINTE, Iulia Simona BĂDESCU
Oxygen Regime In Amara Lake

Sarah Q. EHLINGER, Emmanuel M. ASIEDU, Alexander B. ASIEDU
Education And Environmental Health Risk Perception: How Sense Of Control And Economy Shape Cognitive Dissonance In Accra, Ghana

M.S. Abdullahi – IDIAGBON
Lexico-Semantic Impacts of English on the Nigerian Languages – An Example of Yoruba Language

Lucica TOFAN, Elizabeth O’GRADY, Timothy J. EHLINGER
Setting Up a Lab On Aquatic Ecotoxicology For Students

Changing Codes and Taxonomies: Mediatization and Critical Engagement with Space

The Media Campaigns in the Context of the Implementation of a Megaproject and the Formation of the Public Opinion Node: The Rosia Montana Gold Corporation Case

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