Ofelia AXINTE, Iulia Simona BĂDESCU, Oxygen Regime In Amara Lake


The changes in the trophic status of lentic ecosystems due to enrichment of nutrients influences the ecological succession. This transformation can be a natural process, that takes place over long periods, or one accelerated by human activity. Preventing the damage to the quality of surface water is a priority in the elaboration of basin management plans. Distribution of oxygen depends on the trophic status of the lake and, in turn, influences the trophism in the lake. This paper examines tropism of Amara Lake in the years preceding the reconstruction of the surrounding green areas (2010), imposed by the pronouncement of the area as ” Important Birds Area/ Special Protection Area “, in correlation with the regime of oxygen, one of the most important parameters which describe the tropism of aquatic ecosystems.

Key words: trophic state, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, Amara Lake

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