Ana Maria Munteanu, Dinu Ghezzo or Interculturality as a Vocation

Dinu Ghezzo or Interculturality as a Vocation

Ana Maria Munteanu

Abstract: Dinu Ghezzo was Professor Emeritus at NYU, at the Steinhardt School of Culture and  Human  Development,  the  Department  of  Music  and  Performing  Arts.  D.  Ghezzo  studied composition, conducting, and theory of music at the Romanian Conservatory in Bucharest, obtained a PhD in composition and technology at UCLA  (1973). He was founder and co-founder of Assisi International Music days, Gubbio festival, CIPAM festival in Montevarchi, Constanta International Music Days, and the  Week of Romanian-American Music in Oradea. He was a recipient of an honorary doctorate from Ovidius University Constanta (Romania) and of many other awards, prizes, residencies and commissions including: Fulbright Senior Scholar (2006) visiting  composer at the American Academy in Rome, Composer in Residence at Dresden Festival, and Guest Composer at the Berlin  Hochschule  der  Kunste.

He  promoted  the   dialogue  among  American  and  Romanian composers, professors, artists, and poets  belonging to all generations. He did this as part of his activity at NYU, as director of  studies in composition, and also as  director of the American New Music Consortiun and ICIA (International Composers and Interactive Artists). He also contributed to a  change in of mentality, providing new music opportunities for young Romanian  musicians and audiences  in  accordance  with  the  spirit  of  the  cosmopolitan  “village”  as  open  culture  in  the Romanian institutional context during the process of post-communist transition.

Keywords:  music,  village,  interculturality,  interconnected,  transnational,   cosmopolitan, multimedia, interarts, myth, digital space.

To cite the article: Ana Maria Munteanu, (2012) “Dinu Ghezzo or Interculturality as a Vocation”, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication NO. 2 2012, Vol. 1 Iss: 2, pp.  37-59

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