Ana Cristina Halichias, The Intellectual Vocabulary in Latin Philosophical Prose

The  Intellectual Vocabulary  in Latin Philosophical Prose

Ana Cristina Halichias

Abstract: The article analyses the terms that make up the lexical field of intellectual traits in the philosophical works of Cicero, Seneca and Apuleius. The research  demonstrates the fact that these  authors  use  a  rich  vocabulary,  expressing  different  nuances  of  the  positive  and  negative intellectual capacities.

Keywords:  lexical  field,  intellectual  traits,  clever,  stupid,  philosophy,  Cicero,  Seneca, Apuleius

To cite the article: Ana Cristina Halichias (2012) “The  Intellectual Vocabulary  in Latin Philosophical Prose”,  International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication NO. 2 2012, Vol. 1 Iss: 2, pp. 69-87

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