Raluca LEVONIAN, Endorsing change from a conservative perspective? The case of a new Romanian right-wing party

Abstract: This study aims to investigate how the attitude towards change is expressed in the discourse of a Romanian right wing political organization, Noua Republică (The New Republic) which was legally recognized as a party in January 2013. The corpus consists of the texts of five infobulletins mailed by the organization during February and March 2013. The topics covered in the selected texts concern the party’s identity and its attitude towards the health reform and towards Romania’s foreign affairs policy. The research draws mainly on critical discourse analysis methods, employing van Leeuwen’s (e.g. 2008) theory on the representation of social actors. The results show that the party’s identity is constructed on a real but also on a symbolic level as an in-group opposed to the group represented by the government parties.

Keywords: legitimation, social actors, political discourse, Romania, right wing, identity, othering.

To cite the article: LEVONIAN, Raluca, “Endorsing change from a conservative perspective? The case of a new Romanian right-wing party”. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication 2.2 (2013): 63-85.

Full article

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