Rodica Melinda ȘUȚU – Converging versus diverging voices in the newsrooms of multimedia organizations

Abstract: The evolution of technology has gradually transformed, over the years, the media organizations worldwide. Media convergence, regarded as a new perspective in journalism, which combines profession, technology and new practices in the newsroom, brought significant transformations in the activity and structure of media organizations. This paper shows that while the production and editorial operations are converging at the microlevel, divergences occur at the level of the individual journalists, who are directly challenged by the changes in their everyday work. Depending on the manner they construct their representations of professional identity and values, the journalists diverge in their way of accepting or rejecting change. The corpus of the article is made by semi-structured interviews with Romanian and American journalists and notes from field observation of digital operations in various newsrooms in Romania and the United State of America. The author chose to employ qualitative methods, such as observation and interviews with journalists from broadcast, online and print media, in order to illustrate the voices of media professionals affected by different aspects of convergence. This paper is conceptually supported by the theoretical framework of constructivism.

Key words: digital, convergence, newsroom, multimedia organizations, journalists, challenges.

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