Cătălina MĂRCULEŢ and Dinu MĂRĂŞOIU, Summer Temperature Extremes and their Influence on the South-East Development Region


The particularly complex natural background of the South-East Development Region accounts for the varied climate influences, with excessive or maritime shades. The description of the positive thermal regime with its temperature extremes, based on characteristic summer thresholds (tropical and canicular days) is aimed at highlighting the frequency, duration and intensity of exceptional situations. We processed the daily maximum temperature data-rows recorded by the region’s weather stations (Buzău, Galaţi, Călăraşi, Tulcea and Constanţa) over a period of 54 years (1961-2014). The finality of our endeavour has been to present some examples for these extreme phenomena, their synoptic causes, and specific elements of exceptional manifestation, the effect of longer canicular periods finally impacting the whole social-economic life.

Key words: temperature extremes, canicular days, case-study, consequences.

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