George-Marius CRACU, Zoia PREFAC and Lucica TOFAN, Analyzing Climate-Tourism Potential in Mamaia Resort area using Tourism-Climate index (TCI)


From the perspective of tourism supply, climate has been identified as an important natural resource for the tourism sector. Some of the key characteristics of climate as a tourism resource include: it is free, renewable and non-degradable, as well as cannot be transported or stored. Using climate-tourism indices, such as the one developed by Mieczkowski in 1985, we can assess a destination`s favourability for touristic activities, taking into account its main climate characteristics relevant for these activities, such as thermal comfort, sunshine, precipitation and wind speed. The main objectives of this study are to use the Mieczkowski tourism-climate index (TCI) in order to identify the year period which is best suited for outdoor activities in the are of Mamaia resort. It was found that the most suitable months for touristic activities are June, July and August, which are regarded as excellent in Mieczkowski`s classification. Also, the touristic season can be extended through the months of May and September, classified with good and very good conditions for outdoor activities.

Key words: tourism, climate, tourism-climate index (TCI), Mamaia resort.

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