Moroz IVAN, The Impact of Waste and Sanitation in the Localities on the Lower Course of the Dniester


This study introduces the main waste and the actions that are taken in order to stock and remove it, actions that have a direct influence upon the development of tourism in the lower course of the river Dniester. The basin of the Dniester has a patrimony of special value which is insufficiently exploited. This situation is conditioned by the insufficiency  and the poor state of the garbage dumps and of the spaces allotted  for garbage collection, by the absence of trash bins in locations for balneary recreation and ecotourism of the described region, by the problems of the farmsteads on the one hand, and the ones of the town halls on the other. Despite the cuts in the number and surface of the unauthorized landfills reported by the environmental authorities, the situation of the communal waste management remains tense, and in many localities critical. According to the number of existing landfills, especially unauthorized ones, just as the number of illicit garbage dumps of big and medium size, the most critical situation is recorded in the districts of Anenii Noi, Căuşeni, Ştefan Vodă. These districts must be declared priority to the financing of sanitation.

Key words: waste, Dniester, difficulties, storages, sanitation.

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