The International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication  is a biannual academic publication, edited by  Editura Universitară şi  Asociaţia pentru Dezvoltare Interculturală, whose aim is to promote new scholarship and research on cross-cultural topics and interdisciplinary studies in humanities and communication.

ISSN 2285 – 3324 | ISSN-L = 2285 – 3324 | DOI: (Digital Object Identifier):10.5682/22853324

Scientific Indexing Service (SIS): Impact Factor = 0.781

Coperta cross

The main spheres of interest are:

–          history of ideas
–          humanities and science
–          cultural otherness and cultural identity
–          arts and culture
–          media anthropology
–          transnational anthropology
–          gender studies
–          linguistics (socio / psycho-linguistics, ethno-linguistics, cognitive linguistics)
–          communication sciences
–          discourse theory and political analysis
–          environmental communication
–          media studies