Daniela-Alina GEOGLOVAN (MITACU), L’enseignement / apprentissage de la possession en FLE au niveau A1 dans le contexte roumain. Constitution d’un corpus hétérogène à plus d’un égard

Abstract: Communicative competence training for Romanian A1 level students at junior high school level is influenced by their linguistic backgrounds. Starting from the hypothesis that the interference of the systems of the languages mastered by beginner level Romanian learners of French influences the acquisition, our research proposes to present an analysis of the problems of the acquisition regarding the expression of the possession in French in a linguistic context marked both by the presence of the Romanian mother tongue and by the presence of English as a first foreign language. This article aims at presenting the construction methodology of the research body for this thesis to show the heterogeneity of the sources that need to be collected.

Keywords: possession, heterogeneity, knowing how to teach, taught knowledge, learned knowledge, didactic transposition

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