Gigel PREOTEASA, Approches discursives du commentaire footballistique en français et en roumain entre presse papier et presse numérique

Abstract: This article deals with the bilingual corpus underlying the analysis of a sports related phenomenon deeply rooted in the social environment – football. The specificity of our linguistic approach lies in the comparison of the materiality of the corpora: the print commentary, that is the traditional newspaper commentary (Gazeta Sporturilor, L’Equipe), and the digital commentary, such as the commentaries of the football matches on the web pages of the sports newspapers (, Both types of commentaries are analysed in terms of their particular characteristics related to the medium (printed media vs. digital media) as well as the configurations triggered by the digital environment. The commentaries making up the two corpora are time and space related; there are, on the one hand, the commentaries of the football matches in the Romanian and the French First League and, on the other hand, the commentaries of the matches that took place during the 2014 World Cup. 

Keywords: bilingual corpus, football, print commentary, digital commentary, digital environment

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