Dilina BESHIRI, Edi PUKA, Domestic violence as a human rights issue: The case of Albanian women

Abstract: Gender-based violence needs to be reported and understood within the context of what it actually is, a global phenomenon that is both a cause and a consequence of gender inequality. It is a complex problem that includes more than just a violent act in terms of interpersonal relationships between sexes. It is a multidimensional social problem, whose roots-run deep.

Albania, compared to the European context, is one of the countries with the highest rates of diffusion of domestic abuse. This can be explained by the fact that the discussion on human rights does not show any sensitivity towards women’s issues and their social positions. Due to its patriarchal features, the Albanian society has a long story of masculine domination in both public sphere and social life.

Domestic violence against women has and comes in phases. Even though for many years it has been thought to be an exclusive problem within couples, nowadays it is becoming an important issue for the entire society. This paper aims to identity the main factors that have influenced and are still influencing the increased rate of violence against women and the reasons leading women not to denounce this violence.

Keywords: Albanian society; identity; emancipation; transformation; domestic violence; human rights; women; education.

To cite the article: BESHIRI, Dilina, PUKA, Edi. “Domestic violence as a human rights issue: The case of Albanian women”. International Journal of Cross-Cultural Studies and Environmental Communication 2.2 (2013): 169-175.

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