Iuliana-Florina PANDELICA, Bleu, noir, rouge et vert – entre lexicologie et terminologie. Le corpus de la recherche doctorale

Abstract: Our objective is to study the lexico-semantic field of four colors, blue, black, red and green, highlighting the comings and goings of chromatic terms between lexicon and terminology, which poses the problem of their analysis as words from the general language, or as terms in specialized languages. Our research also proposes to consider a new perspective in the categorization of color terms that could be a link between the SapirWhorf hypothesis – the categorization of color is due to language –, the theory of basic terms of Berlin and Kay – this categorization depends on human perception –, and the hypothesis of Michel Pastoureau, according to which color is a “fact of society”. In order to do so, we propose a corpus which consists of the words belonging to the lexico-semantic field and terms belonging to the terminological field of the colors blue, black, red and green.

Keywords: colors, lexico-semantic field, semic analysis, phraseology, terminological field

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