Elena LUNGU (DUMITRAŞCU), Le guide de voyage imprimé dans l’analyse du discours touristique. Présentation du corpus

Abstract: This article analyzes travel guides written in Romanian and French. Like most
tourist writings, travel guides are the result of a hybridization process of textual genres,
which makes it difficult to establish a clear delineation, within a single typology. Before we can analyze the tourist discourse, we must first define this kind of text. The first part of this research tries to identify the features of travel guides in terms of discursive genericity. The second part of the article attempts to explain the criteria that have governed the choice of our corpus. As far as corpus analysis is concerned, we are faced with the question whether the differences and similarities noticed at the discursive level have repercussions on the lexical, grammatical and pragmatic analysis of travel guides, which is another issue which needs to be tackled.

Keywords: travel guide, textual genres, discursive genericity, lexical analysis,
grammatical analysis, pragmatic analysis

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