Mihaela-Gabriela ENE, Représentations linguistiques du français chez des apprenants roumains. Étude de cas: les élèves roumains du lycée « Mihai Eminescu » de Bucarest. Construction du corpus

Abstract: As part of our doctoral research, we analyze the linguistic representations of Romanian teenagers on the French language and its learning. This article aims to highlight the heterogeneity and complementarity of data in our corpus including questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and life stories of students. It is a question of highlighting parameters considered relevant, such as the social environment, the school environment, personal history, attitudes and beliefs about France and the French language. Our study group includes 29 Romanian high school students who have been studying French for 7 years (the second foreign language studied at school in the Romanian education system), which means they are at level B1 / B2 (CEFRL). The motivation for our choice is that these three tools seem to allow us to access the different facets of representations from a linguistic point of view.

Keywords: corpus, linguistic representations, questionnaire, interview, life story

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