Bacal PETRU, The Managing of the Waste Water Impact in the Prut River Basin (The Republic of Moldova Sector)


The purpose of this research consists in the elucidation of spatial and economic aspects of the water use in the Prut river basin. The main topics presented in this paper are: 1) the dynamics of volume of wastewater discharged into the river Dniester basin and its sections; 2) wastewater discharge by the degree of treatment; 3) spatial and branch profile of wastewater discharged; 4) existing problems in the evaluation and monitoring of waste water; 5) efficiency of the implementation of economic and administrative instruments of wastewaters management. In order to achieve these objectives, traditional methods of geographical and economic research were used. Also, the content of the present study is focused on the methodology to elaborate the management plans of hydrographical basins and their chapters on the status of water resources and water bodies and on the economic analysis of water use.

Key words: wastewater, management, Dniester, tariffs, efficiency.

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